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Hey kindred webmasters -- say someone's looking at your site from their workplace when the big cheese walks by. You wouldn't want that person fired for surfing the net on the job, would you?

Check out how you can make a difference by adding a Panic Button to your site -- it's quick and easy, and your site will benefit through a listing in our Worker-Friendly Web Sites directory and an announcement in our monthly e-mail newsletter.

Wire a Panic Button!
Step 1

A Panic Button is a small graphic that turns your browser into a fake spreadsheet screen when clicked on. (Wanna see? Try the sample button below to see how it works.)

Boss Button!
- try me! -

Adding one of these to your pages is a simple process:

  • Pick and download a button - there's plenty of styles to choose from!

  • Upload it to your server.

  • Add the provided HTML code to your web page.

  • Send Don E-Mail!
    Step 2

    Now that you've added a button to your page, the next step is to let Don know about it. Click here to send e-mail to Don -- be sure to include:

  • The name of your site.

  • A general description.

  • The site's URL.
  • Get Listed!
    Step 3

    Finally, it's payback time. To reward you for your efforts, Don will place a link to your site in the Worker-Friendly Sites directory.

    In addition, your site will be listed in Don's regular e-mail newsletter that goes out to several thousand subscribers -- with more being added every day!

    Ready to add a button?

    Click here to start!

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