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(#2) "Alt-Tab is Your Friend"

Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:34:50
Mime-Version: 1.0
From: "Slackin' in Florida"
Subject: Stealth Surfing

Hi Don:

In addition to Pierre's remarks I will add that Alt-tab is your Friend. I have to always have an application open to do my "work" -- Word Perfect, Quattro Pro or our office database.

I always size all of my windows so that they don't fill up the whole screen. This allows me to see all of my icons and makes it look as if the application you see open is the only one open. I then size Netscape to the same size as the open app. I then use alt-tab to go back and forth whenever anyone comes by my desk and wolla -- I'm "working".

Also if you minimize Netscape make sure you drag it so that its behind the open app. That way it's not showing on the bottom of your screen (make sure you don't arrange icons after this or Netscape will be staring right at you and your co-workers and boss.)

Signed, Slackin'

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