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(#5) "Sweating and All That"

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 01:23:35 -0800
From: Big Cheese in Alaska
Subject: my story from the other end!
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I had a young kid working for me who was only supposed to be using the computer to keep track of various items that come in and out of the shop. Other than this inventory tracking he was a laborer, manual, sweating and all that.

Well... one day I went into the room where this computer was at, and asked James what he was doing, he said he was entering some items into inventory. I could clearly see what he was actually doing in the window behind the desk, he was surfing!! Well, unbeknowst to me this kid knew his computers! The computer he was using DID have a LAN connection to all the computers in the office, but it was secured and not supposed to even have access to the internet at all!

So... this kid in the few short weeks he had been working for me had broken our security to the main LAN... AND.. to the main T connection to the net! All this and he only used the thing a few hours a day. I came to find out later he was in college for computer sciences and that he actually DID know his stuff!

He now works on the network maintenance for the entire shop offices and he's even designing a very nice web page for us! Kind of a bit of irony from a story that could have gone very bad (for the kid)! He's lucky he knew his stuff!

- Big Cheese


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