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You Said It!

"Very cool site...on behalf of us slackers and surfers...Thank You!"

Mary Ann
Costa Mesa, CA

"When I pay by the hour, spending hours doing personal matters is STEALING."

Jack S.
San Diego, CA

Say Pierre, Isn't That Netscape?

A hard-core web surfer from France shares some of his most devious tricks, from customizing his Netscape screen to switching IP addresses with a hapless co-worker.
Alt-Tab is Your Friend
One of Florida's finest slackers teaches the art of the quick switch.
A Little Known Trick
Combine the alt-tab trick with an invisible task bar and you've got some serious slackin' mileage.
Lucky Enough to be the Webmaster
A Canadian stealth surfer has a good reason to be on the web -- it's her job!
Sweating and All That
An Alaskan manual laborer turns out to be a helluva hacker to boot! Is it pink slip or promotion time for our hero?

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